Body Solution

Our goal is to bring top quality services for athletes and help them to achieve their goals by providing with three key services - competition management, top health-care services and sponsorship.


We are helping athletes to race in the biggest athletic meetings for the best and fair terms.

Based on a discussion with an athlete and a coach, we are trying to fit the racing schedule to their training rhythm and to their seasonal goals.

Body Solution Clinic

Members of Body Solution Team are provided with unique and professional services covered by Body Solution Clinic lead by head physician of the Czech athletics team MUDr. Karolína Velebová.

BSC is the physiotherapy clinic specializing in sports injury treatment and prevention.


Connecting sponsors with the best athletes and guiding their public presentation to create a win-win solution for both parties.

If you have an interest to connect your brand with our team (or a particular member), let us know in the contact section.

Athletic Events Organisation

Our team is actively participating on athletic event organisation of two European meetings (Nehvizdy and Kladno).

We are trying to deliver the best conditions for athletes to compete on the highest level and to bring transparency to the whole event organisation process and financials.

Management team

Tomáš Vojtek

Athletic coach and director of IAAF meeting in Nehvizdy and Brno. 

Tomáš is also working as a school teacher and co-director of athletic club Brno.

Lucia Vadlejch

PR manager of the Body Solution Clinic. 

Lucie gained experience in the field of athletics as a professional athlete in heptathlon for Slovakia.

Jan Ján

Co-founder of Body Solution Clinic where he is responsible for operations. 

Before BSC Jan gained experience in private equity as an investment analyst.

READY TO team?

Do you want our athletes to compete on your meeting? Do you want to be part of BST? Or do you have any questions to us? Let us know!